Friday, July 15, 2011

Peach & Brie 'Quesadillas'

Oh this big 'ol basil plant of mine, what more can I do with you? Pesto, caprese, pasta - oh so passé.

This summer has seen a number of novel uses of basil pop up in my kitchen. I'm working on a dessert post featuring a basil syrup, but until I manage to finish that, here we have a quick post-work snack. Or brekkie when I've got 15 minutes to spare.
Basil. Peaches. Brie Cheese. Tortilla. Delish.

What's more, is it's just one more justification for that electric grill machine hanging out on the counter. And for quesadillas you don't even need to coat the grill with oil. Which means if you were strategic enough in your cheese placement and it doesn't ooze out, no cleaning the thing afterwords!

And since this month's Monthly Mingle theme is stone fruit, I'll send this post over to Sips and Spoonfuls. Looking forward to checking out all those fruity recipes soon!

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Recipe: Peach and Brie Quesadillas
Serves 1
Eat with Chardonnay (if it's not for brekkie, of course)

1 peach
1 tsp brown or raw sugar
1 Tb chopped basil leaves
zest of half a lime
5 slices of brie cheese
1 large tortilla

Heat your grill machine, grill pan, or broiler.

Slice the peaches, toss in a bowl with the sugar, basil, and lime zest. Toss to coat. On one half of the tortilla, lay the brie slices down and top with the peaches. Fold in half and grill until crispy edges and deep golden marks appear. Try to wait a minute before slicing.

Dobrou Chut'/ Enjoy.
-- Jo


  1. This looks awesome! I'm thinking of trying something similar, except in an omelet... *Gasp*!

  2. Finally sommeone uses peaches to makes something savory. Love it. Thanks so much for entering Monthly Mingle this month!

  3. And thanks for hosting the Mingle this month, Sukaina!


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