Hi, my name is Josie Lee Suska. I was born in the United States - Wisconsin - but ended up in Brno, Czech Republic.

As I try to live a happy and healthy expat life, I've decided to carve out a little online space to keep track of recipes, experiments, and food thoughts.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. I've moved away from the Czech Republic and was absolutely amazed by the amount of delicious and weird stuff you can buy abroad. I guess it must have been a reverse process for you. How are you finding it?

  2. Hi there expatgourmet, I'm always so happy to hear from other expats in/from the Czech realm of the food blogging world.
    In a way living here was limiting on the palette at first, but talk about weird stuff - zabijačka products fascinate me! I'm keeping an eye on your blog now for some Czech specialities ;)

  3. Kathryn in Austin, TexasSeptember 4, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    Hi Jose. I just discovered your blog, when doing a Google search for Syren smoked paprika. (I used to buy it at Williams-Sonoma, but they no longer carry it - can you recommend an equivalent?)

    Anyway, I love your recipes and your writing style, and your dog. Your blog is so good, almost perfect. All you need to do is remove "I am distinctly underqualified. . ." ;-D

  4. Kathryn in Austin, TexasSeptember 5, 2011 at 6:28 AM

    Sorry for the typo, Josie (not Jose).

  5. Hi Kathryn, thanks for checking out the blog! I just got back from an extended blogless holiday, so sorry for the late response.

    That Syren paprika was a find, I agree. I have no idea where to get it anymore either. I was nursing the last tin unitl I found a decent replacement. Here in Brno there's a Spanish import food store. No idea the brand as it's sold in a bulk bin. Maybe there's one in your area?

    Oh, and I'll be revamping the 'About' soon and will take your advice ;)


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