Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bringing in some Spain Love

Alert, alert, alert! Doo-oo, doo-oo, doo-oo, red light flashing. All Brno-ites, Brnoans, and Brňáks take note. There is a new Spanish import store in town. 

It opened last fall, and I'd been eyeing up their shop from the tram for months. It's got a little Spanish flag on the door...and I could see rows of wine on the shelves inside. I really don't know what took me so long to venture in. But I was just there, finally, and will be returning veeeeery soon.

North Americans will love it. The customer service I got was out of this Czech world. The manager there is a woman who speaks excellent English, and also Spanish I suppose (having lived there many years), and is seriously helpful and knowledgeable. And what's more, they were offering samples of one of the Syrah's in stock. Can we say love at first sip? I only walked out with one bottle (had more errands to run on foot) and a little Spanish cookbook (in Czech) that may or may not inspire my husband to cook for me, and may or may not inspire me to study my Czech more.


Hybešova 28
602 00 Brno

Other than the libations, they've got shelves stocked with olives, oils, and other jars full of goodies. Also, a cooler greets people at the doorway with a selection of Jamon Serrano and both sheep and goat cheeses. Word is that Manchego is coming next week. 

Oh, Barcelona...I miss you.

Tapas recipes to come soon!

Dobrou Chut'/ Enjoy!

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