Saturday, December 3, 2011

My (Strawberry) Morning Milkshake

Looking for more ways to get your calcium? I know I am. Thought I'd quickly share what has recently become my morning milkshake routine.

Now that we are facing the winter dearth of fresh fruit, I've been buying frozen berries again. And one of my fave, and healthiest, ways of partaking is sucking down a blended bevvie. In the warmer months I'm all about smoothies with juices and ginger...but in winter, I dream of cream.

This milkshake is an incredibly simple version that doesn't use ice cream, or heavy cream. Full fat milk, of course, but the key is using berries that are only half frozen. I take out the berries the night before, stick them in a glass in the refrigerater. The next morning, they are perfectly soft without being too watery. It gives a smooth, creamy consistency without as much fat in a traditional ice cream based shake. A bit of powdered sugar is used instead of granular, as it dissolves easier. And ground flax seed is thrown in for those happy omega-3s and a smidge of fiber.

And a good morning it will be.

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Recipe: Strawberry Milkshake

1 large cup frozen strawberries, slightly thawed (15 or so) 
1 cup (225ml) full fat milk
1 heaping tsp. ground flax seed
2 heaping tsp. powdered sugar

1) Toss the strawberries in a blender, cover with milk, flax and sugar. Blend, baby, blend.

Dobrou Chut' / Enjoy.
-- Jo


  1. This is all I want right now. I usually add some sort of citrus to my smoothies, but this looks amazing. Your pictures are beautiful, by the way.

  2. Hi Alana, thanks for commenting! Yep, citrus in smoothies is my summer fix...i switch to flax in the winter :)


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